Assessment – Are your books in order? Need a QuickBooks Assessment? The QuickBooks assessment is an overall assessment of your current QuickBooks data processes.  It’s a 25 point Check-Up to identify areas of concern.  The 25 point assessment can be done remotely online from the comfort of your own home or office and should take only a few hours to complete.  If you are local, the assessment can be done in your office.  The new year is here, now is the time to get it done.

The QuickBooks Assessment is not a financial assessment or review, and it is not an audit, it is an overall assessment of your current summary data in QuickBooks.  Are transactions being entered? Does it balance?  Much more….. In order to complete the QuickBooks diagnostic assessment, you will need to provide specific information such as the QuickBooks data file, supporting documents such as bank statements, payroll and/or sales tax reports and other personal or company information.

After the session, a report will be issued noting issues of concern. Findings may include recommendations for additional support and/or clean-up of data, suggested training, or changes in QuickBooks lists, preferences, or other features.

Other services are available for a quick diagnostic check-up, we go through the financials in your QuickBooks file and look at your current data together to get an overview and see and recommend areas for improvement in data processes.  If you have been using your data file for a time, the QuickBooks Assessment will help to identify problem areas and you can see where you may need additional QuickBooks help.

Personal Training – One to One Personal Training:  QuickBooks training sessions are customized to meet your specific needs and get you on your way to learning QuickBooks proficiently, can be in your office if you are local or via remote access anywhere online.  With personal one to one training you can receive QuickBooks help specifically where and how you need it.

Office Training:  QuickBooks training for two to three people, customized as an overview of specific areas in need of training.  Basics of QuickBooks are covered as needed.  Train members of your office and have QuickBooks help readily available as you need it.

Group Training:  With QuickBooks training in a group session, the Course is pre-defined, covers most areas of QuickBooks and the basic navigation and functions to get familiar as an overview.  Please contact Kathy for information regarding group training.

QuickBooks Consultation - For a basic consultation regarding QuickBooks and your current needs, we can meet either in person or online and go over your current situation.   QuickBooks help is just an email away, feel free to email Kathy directly.   QBKathy (at) ymail (dot) com

Pricing for online consultation $3.00/minute-15 minute minimum – $75.00 1/2hr – $120.00/hour-single session.
Assessment $450.00 and up. Ask Kathy about individual and group training packages. Initial contact – no charge.