Learn QuickBooks with QuickBooks Training Online

Does any of this sound familiar?
  • Tax time coming and your records aren’t in order?
  • Need business loan and can’t get the numbers together quickly?
  • Not enough good information about your business transactions when you need it most?
  • You want to learn how to do QuickBooks more efficiently, BUT…
The QuickBooks Training Online could help you learn QuickBooks easily,
on your own terms, and, when it’s convenient for you..
Kathy guides you through the processes.
What seemed confusing before will finally make sense.
You will be guided every step of the way to learn what you need to know.
Soon you could be more confident in using the QuickBooks program.
Kathy Hahn, QuickBooks ProAdvisor has helped many people use the QuickBooks program more effectively.
“Kathy was so informed on QuickBooks I was amazed.
She performed tasks that I was unable to perform on my own.
You truly have an asset in Kathy.””She is the perfect answer to a small business that hopes of growing quickly.
I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with QuickBooks.”
“I now have a good understanding of QuickBooks.”
“I highly recommend Kathy Hahn as your QuickBooks Expert”

Schedule a session and learn in your own environment.
You will have a one to one online meeting to go over the step-by-step process of how to use QuickBooks,
using your own data and building your own QuickBooks file with guidance each step of the way. What do you need help with?

Setting up QuickBooks

Getting Started

Using Lists

Working with Bank Accts

Using Other Accounts

Sales Transactions

Payments & Deposits

Paying Bills – AP

Setting Up Inventory

Sales Tax – Track & Pay

Estimating & Invoicing

Tracking Time


Analyzing Finacial Data

Customize Forms & Letters

Multiple Currencies

Do just one session to try it out, then you’ll probably want to do more, try it, you’ll like it, go at your own pace.
This training can help you learn to use QuickBooks,  join me online and you will be guided each step of the way.

Gloria Halterman “Certified Bookkeeper” says,
“The Online QuickBooks Training with Kathy Hahn is “Outstanding”
“She makes it easy to learn QuickBooks”
Whether you’re an owner, bookkeeper, office manager, administrator, clerical staff member,
or student, the ability to utilize the QuickBooks Program will benefit your career.
Just look at all the ads that are requesting people with QuickBooks skills.
If you are a current user of QuickBooks, you’ll you’ll learn how to use the software more effectively -
this will benefit you even if you are an intermediate user.
You can decide to make learning QuickBooks into an education adventure
Be more productive and feel more confident in your ability to use QuickBooks…

This training is based on your current version of QuickBooks .

This training program is for new to intermediate users of QuickBooks,
if you are an advanced user, it is recommended you join the ProAdvisor program
and utilize the advanced training courses available through their various programs
or seek specialized advanced training courses.
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Kathy Hahn for QuickBooks Training

Personal coaching from Kathy.  Lots of valuable information is provided and
the training is customized personally for you in a way to help make it easy for you to learn.
Go at your own pace,
and soon you will have learned much about QuickBooks.
Karen Jackson says “Kathy’s training is easy” learned lots!
Another client says…
“I highly recommend Kathy Hahn as your QuickBooks Expert,
I have rental properties, which Kathy has set up each one of them,
she always gave me the personal time, and attention on giving me detail training.
Each year my CPA always gave me high approval of Kathy’s work,
which makes me feel very confident in my businesses.
Kathy is very skilled, experienced, and her professional ethics are superb.
Try it! I guarantee you’ll learn lots!
To Your Success!